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ProAdjuster spinal adjustment instrament

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Advanced Wellness Center uses the latest technologies and therapies in our chiropractic spinal care.  In addition to traditional hands on chiropractic adjustments we also use an instrument called the ProAdjuster that allows us to gently manipulate the spine with out the twisting and popping. 

Spinal Rehabilitation

Did you know that 4/5 Americans experience back pain every year.   Back pain can be a difficult condition to treat.  Something as simple as taking an Aspirin can sometimes alleviate the pain but it doesn’t fix the root of the problem. Pain sensitive tissues in the back are the joints, muscles, discs, tendons and ligaments.  The good news is we have the solution to correct the core of the problem.  We have combined chiropractic care with the MedX rehabilitative program.

According to a study published in Clinical radiology, MRI’s visualized that 80% of low back pain patients have atrophy (weakness and shrinking) in an important low back stabilizing muscle.  The equipment we use, called MedX, can isolate this muscle, measure its strength and strengthen it.  MedX has nearly an 80% success rate in eliminating back pain.

Another study published in Spine showed that when combining MedX rehabilitation with chiropractic care the results were much better than just chiropractic care alone.

In fact, the MedX rehabilitative system is so effective that a research article published in Archives of physical medicine & rehabilitation took patients who were told they needed neck or back surgery and put them through a MedX rehabilitative program.  The results were 92% avoided surgery. 

Headaches, Migraines and Neck Pain

MedX low back exercise Equipment

MedX low back exercise Equipment

Most people quietly suffer with headaches, migraines and even neck pain when they don’t have to. Around 12 million people daily fight the pain of a headache or migraine. Something as simple as taking an Aspirin can sometimes alleviate the pain but it doesn’t fix the root of the problem.

In many recent studies, chiropractic care has been the top remedy in treating these ailments.  A study at Duke University demonstrated that headache patients who received chiropractic care had sustained relief four weeks after treatment in contrast to patients receiving medication who had no such benefit.

Disc Herniations

The DRX9000 System is a quantum leap forward in biotechnology that corrects low back conditions – specifically, herniated (“slipped”) discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, and sciatica – in the vast majority of cases. Hundreds of doctors can attest to the benefits thousands of patients have received as a result of the revolutionary

DRX9000 System process. Professional athletes have become big fans of this treatment. Decompression therapy as that delivered by the DRX9000 was, for example, instrumental in the amazing return of Mario Lemieux to the Pittsburg Penguins of the National Hockey League after a 2-year retirement forced by low back problems. Since the DRX9000 System can only accommodate a very limited number of patients per day over a 4 week period, thus the number of patients we can accept is extremely limited. Therefore, it is incumbent upon patients, who are serious about relieving their low back pain, to find out if they qualify for the DRX9000 treatment now. If you do qualify, please make sure to sign up at your earliest convenience.

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