Disc Herniations

Do you suffer from a disc herniation?  Disc herniations are spinal injuries where the jelly center of the spinal disc ruptures out the back of the disc and puts pressure on the nerves.  Disc bulges are slightly different in that the jelly center of the disc has not fully broken through the disc to the point of herniation.  Disc bulges can also be painful.

Chiropractors can treat disc herniations very successfully.  We use a combination of therapies to help the disc to heal.  In our office we use a technique called flexion/distraction which is a pumping traction therapy that helps to pull a herniation back into the disc so the disc can then heal.  We have pre and post MRI's from patients we have seen in our office proving we can indeed heal a disc.  We also spend significant time strengthening the spine so injured patients can return to daily activities with as little limitation as possible.  Each visit we adjust the patient's spine to increase as much function as we can.  The combination of these therapies has been proven effective.

One study took patients who had suffered on average for 5 years with a disc herniation with pain radiating down their leg.  These patients received chiropractic care combined with spinal strengthening similar to what we do in our office.  At the end of their treatment 90% of those in the study had an average of 77%  improvement in symptoms.  A follow up over a year later 80% of the patients rated their improvement by 80%.
J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2009 (Nov);   32 (9):   723–733

If you or someone you know is suffering from a disc herniation and would like to avoid surgery.  Please have them call our office.  We would be happy to provide a free consultation and tour of our facility.

Written by Steven Davis, D.C., chiropractic physician